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The J.Co Organics journey began almost thirteen years ago when Jennifer decided to take control of her personal health and wellness.
At the age of 19, Jennifer’s asthma became uncontrollable; her health took a downward spiral. For years she struggled to take deep breaths, visited countless doctors and specialists, and after lots of trial and error she, unfortunately, discovered no one had answers. It was another asthma attack, this time to result in an induced coma and being placed on a respirator that changed her path.
Jennifer’s body was tired of the harsh pharmaceuticals, like prednisone, to assist her breathing. She decided it was time to take control of her own health through natural healing. She explored her fascination with the human body and its ability to heal when given the proper nutrients and care. As she implemented changes in her daily routines- skin care, food, and exercise, she started noticing a substantial difference in her health. So much so, she was able to eliminate most of her asthma medication, including prednisone- something doctors never thought possible with the severity of her condition. Her passion grew and she started to share her knowledge with anyone who would listen.
During this time she was attending esthetic school, with the goal of becoming an entrepreneur, a desire to follow in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents, business owners in her hometown of New Liskeard. In 2008, at the age of 22 Jennifer opened Indulge Esthetics and Wellness, a full-service spa offering a large array of wellness services not yet available in the area.
Jennifer, now captivated with organic living, devoted her time ensuring she was offering only top quality products and services. Additionally, she continued searching for a top quality natural and/or organic skin care line -- only to be disappointed.
"Eliminating toxins from skin care is a huge step in the right direction to overall health and well-being. I believe what you put on your skin is equally as important as what you eat."
- Jennifer Cote
Jennifer dedicated years to searching and creating a natural line people could trust. In 2012 Jen started J. Co Naturals, offering quality products at a fair price point. Her youthful ingenuity and successes resulted in Jen being awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 by the Temiskaming Shores and Area Chamber of Commerce. She loved J.Co Naturals, but she knew it could be improved, she always felt the need to take J.Co Naturals one step further.
Then, a trip to Calgary in April 2015 shifted Jen’s ambitions and vision for the future. She fell in love with the pristine rivers, Rocky Mountains backdrop, and the innovative spirit of a superior workforce. Jen saw a lifestyle focused on family, community, and wellness. A few months later, Jen took a leap of faith and sold Indulge Esthetics and Wellness and moved to the greater Calgary area on Christmas Day 2015.
Jen and her partner Chris share the passion for living a healthy organic lifestyle. Calgary’s focus on health and wellness inspired them to rise to the occasion and take J. Co Naturals to the next level – enriching their Natural product line and introducing J. Co Organics